Nazarbayev University hosted IQanat Republican Olympiad


Nazarbayev University recently welcomed 9th-grade students from Kazakhstani rural schools to the IQanat Republican Olympiad.  The opening ceremony and event hosted 712 students and was organized by IQanat Foundation.  The main goals of this event are to support and motivate students from rural schools in obtaining equal access to admission to national and foreign universities. Since 2019, the IQanat Program has operated in 162 rural districts of the country, reaching more than 30,000 rural school students, of which 712 qualified to participate this Olympiad final.

This Republican Olympiad focused on English, Mathematics, Physics, and Writing an essay. In addition to the competition, the 9th-graders had opportunities during the week to participate in various training series focused on the development of soft skills, which are important for their personal growth and healthy self-esteem. In the end, the Olympiad winners will be awarded by grants to study at national universities of the country.


This is the second year that Nazarbayev University has provided assistance to the IQanat Republican Olympiad in cooperation with the IQanat Foundation.