First Nazarbayev University Olympiad in Mathematics


On January 25, 2020, Nazarbayev University hosted the First Mathematics Olympiad for Nur-Sultan schoolchildren from grades 10 to 12. Provost Ilesanmi Adesida, Vice President for Student Affairs and International Cooperation Kadisha Dairova, as well as Vice Provost for Academic Affairs at Nazarbayev University Loretta O’Donnell congratulated all participants and winners of this Olympiad.

– The goal of our Olympiad is to increase the interest in studying mathematical subjects for students at an early age and to also create the necessary conditions to identify gifted children in this realm. – said Kadisha Dairova, Vice President for Student Affairs and International Cooperation of Nazarbayev University.

This year might be considered as a first “Pilot” Olympiad for our University, where the lessons learned by organizers might be incorporated in the planning of future Olympiads.  The event was attended by 46 students in grades 10-12 interested in mathematics, and some of them were accompanied by their teachers. The level of complexity of the Olympiad tasks varied between the Republican and Zhautykov Olympiads. According to the participants of the Olympiad, despite the complexity of the tasks, the questions were interesting and well thought out.

- I would like to suggest that Nazarbayev University consider creating something like a week-long training camp for the schoolchildren who are participants at Olympiads. This way the focus would not only be on winning Olympiads but also on tracking students learning and growth over time.  For example, if there was a training camp that also took some metrics from the participants this could then be compared to the participants’ scores from various Olympiads over time to see the students’ growth- suggested Arman Tailakov, a mathematics teacher at Astana Garden School and a 2017’s graduate of Nazarbayev University.

In addition to the Mathematics Olympiad itself, participants were able to play an intellectual game, visit information sessions, and take Nazarbayev University campus tour.

Earlier in 2019, Nazarbayev University co-organized the STEM Republican Olympiad “STEM – Innovation in Education” and provided assistance to the IQanat Republican Olympiad. In the future, Nazarbayev University plans to hold the Olympiad not only for the students of schools in the capital but also for secondary school children from all regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The winners of the First Nazarbayev University Olympiad in Mathematics:

 I – place –  Danat Duysenbekov, an 11-grade pupil of the Bilim Innovation Lyceum for gifted boys, Nur-Sultan city;

II – place – Alibi Znenis and  Chingis Tuleubayev, 10-grade pupils of NurOrda lyceum; Fetkullah Sam and Marlen Raushanov – 10-grade pupils of the Bilim Innovation Lyceum for gifted boys, Nur-Sultan city; Bibigul Konkayeva and Nurzhan Nurguatov, 11- grade pupils of NurOrda lyceum; Abylay Ashken, 11-grade pupil of the Bilim Innovation Lyceum for gifted boys, Nur-Sultan city;

III – place  Dilnaz Ualiyeva, a 10-grade pupil of “Zerde” school; Beksultan Abdikarimov, a 10-grade pupil of the Bilim Innovation Lyceum for gifted boys, Nur-Sultan city.

All participants of the Olympiad received participation certificates, and the winners were awarded medals and valuable prizes.

The organizer of the Olympiad, the Department of Lifelong Learning, thanks the Astana Daryn Center for the Development of Giftedness and Psychological Support, sponsor of the event, the Nazarbayev University Social Development Fund, professor at the Nazarbayev University School of Science and Humanities, Manat Mustafa, problem developers, jury, as well as university volunteers for their active participation and assistance in conducting the First Nazarbayev University Olympiad in Mathematics.